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Safety Systems
Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews - PHSR
What is Involved in the PHSR.
"A pre-start health and safety review includes the preparation of a written report that is made to the owner, lessee or employer and contains,
(a) details of the measures to be taken for compliance with the relevant provisions of this Regulation that are listed in the Table;
(b) if testing is required before the apparatus or structure can be operated or used or before the process can be used, details of measures to protect the health and safety of workers that are to be taken before the testing is carried out; and
(c) if item 3 or 7 of the Table applies, details of the structural adequacy of the apparatus or structure. O. Reg. 528/00, s. 2."
Upon the completion of the PHSR, the employer is required to:
Ensure that the report is kept readily accessible in the workplace (including any supporting documentation).
Ensure that the report is provided to their Joint Health and Safety Committee for review prior to operation of the equipment.
CSA Z432 requires that the reporting aspect of the PHSR document the hazard identification, risk assessment and mitigation methods. The documentation provided shall be kept and made available as a tool for managers, workers. "The user documentation should include the protective measures taken and the resulting residual risks."
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